Mercyful Fate prove well worth the wait submitting a legendary Los Angeles performance

Danish metal pillars Mercyful Fate delivered an historic showing in Los Angeles as part of the band's first tour in more than twenty years. Essentials like "The Oath", "A Dangerous Meeting", "Evil" and the opus that is "Satan's Fall"incited absolute pandemonium among those attending service - some of which had waited literal decades to participate.

Mercyful Fate also included their most recent masterclass in "The Jackal of Salzburg", a expertly crafted composition that offers a glimpse of the next chapter of the enduring lore of the architects of heavy metal whom are still producing at their peak.

In addition to the spectacle of seeing Mercyful Fate live for the first time in almost a generation, the band enlisted supporting sets from German thrash legends in Kreator and a volatile opening burst from blackened rock heavy thrash unit Midnight to set the tone for the evening. Raucous, relentless, and heavy music revelry proved consistent throughout the evening as capacity crowd all seemed to know they purchased a ticket to witness history.

See the comprehensive photo gallery from rock photographer Maurice Nunez below.