Megadeth reveals an epic teaser video with Gibson Guitars

There is movement in the world of Megadeth.

While the band continues to put the finishing touches on their next full length album, a new teaser video has been shared to the band's socials and it looks as though Gibson Guitars is attached.

With a caption that simply states, "Countdown. 2.23.21," the 14-second visual features what looks to be the robotic version of Vic Rattlehead from the cover of the band's 2016 LP, Dystopia purposefully walking through a cemetery.

Unsheathing a samurai sword to reveal, "Rust In Peace," etched on the blade, the video closes with a prompt directing the audience to

Given Mustaine's rank in the hierarchy of the genre's most prolific, respected, inimitable guitarists, the connection with Gibson makes for some very interesting possibilities.

2.23.21 - Stay tuned.