Lacuna Coil stand in silence via livestream with a powerful statement about the uncertainty of live music venues

Lacuna Coil was slated to broadcast a livestreaming performance from Alcatraz-Milano on February 27th. The free-for-fans event was advertised as a performance, but what fans got instead was the five members of band standing in silence to call attention to the plight of music venues across their country of Italy.

Lacuna Coil, joined more than 100 different artists in 'L'Ultimo Concerto' or 'The Last Concert'. The initiative was intended to bring awareness to an industry that has been shuddered for a full year and is likely the last to be able to reopen amid continuing pandemic restrictions.

Though the spirit of the strike certainaly has merit, the band good intentions are now facing serious backlash from fans that felt like they were duped, ultimately lied to by the band. The outcry has been so profound that the band's frontwoman Cristina Scabbia has since issued a statement explaining to Lacuna Coil fans what their intentions were.

"The point of the Italian strike that happened yesterday was to bring attention to the fact that clubs have been closed for a year because of the pandemic, and we don't know when they are gonna be reopening again," she continued, "So I want to thank you guys, because even with your angry messages, even with your disappointment, you helped us to scream even louder."

Cristina Scabbia's video response to the L'Ultimo Concerto controversy can be seen in it's entirety below. In addition, you can watch Lacuna Coil's message of protest from Alcatraz Milano in solidarity with more than 100 artists across Italy as live music venues continue to remain closed - some for good.