Jonathan Davis digs into Korn's debut for new docuseries 'Evil/Innocent'

Jonathan Davis is featured in the first part of the Revolver docuseries, Evil/Innocent: The Story of Korn's Debut Album.

Offering a first hand account of the band's meteoric ascent, Davis recounts how growing up ostracized in Bakersfield, CA manifested in angst-riddled anthems like "Faget."

Davis details what was a very tumultuous, albeit formative time in his life. Famously working in a mortuary with ambitions of being a mortician, the frontman was presented with the option of fronting Korn.

The frank discussion about the volatility and the vulnerability marked by the use off drugs and alcohol make for a compelling examination of what would be a groundbreaking era in music.

Watch Evil/Innocent: The Story of Korn's Debut Album part I below.