Get a glimpse of Corey Taylor in the trailer for the serial killer horror/thriller, Rucker

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, along with his wife, Alicia Taylor will appear in an upcoming horror/thriller film that revolves around a maniacal trucker appropriately named, Rucker.

Directed by Amy Hesketh and produced by Aaron Drane, who also produced the 2014 film Fear Clinic in which Taylor also made an appearance, Rucker follows a veteran cross country truck driver on a mission to transform his homicidal quest into a murderous masterpiece.

The film's synopsis reads, “For the past 30 years, Rucker the trucker has devoted his life to traveling the road as a mass serial killer. When Rucker picks up unsuspecting Maggie, she makes him the subject of her trucker documentary. But her life takes a dangerous detour when Rucker recruits her to complete his masterpiece: A connect-the-dots roadmap portrait of his ex-wife comprised of the women he’s killed who resemble her.”

Corey Taylor plays Taco Tuesday, the friend of Rucker the Trucker played by Bobby C. King. Both Drane and Hesketh, who are married, are credited with penning the film's screenplay.

Watch the trailer for Rucker below. The film arrives on January 4th via Giant Pictures.