Energy Drinks and Extraterrestrials: Stream Extinction A.D.'s debut episode of 'It's Go Time, You Asshole!'

Veteran Long Island metal outfit Extinction A.D. have come together to record the inaugural episode of their brand new podcast, 'It's Go Time, You Asshole!'.

While the podcast platform has become to preferred means for bands and fans to stay connected, the premise for this particular conversation series is far from the typical. Moderated by host Pieter van Den Berg, the guys have seemingly find a lane to dive deep into their love of energy drinks.

In fact, each episode is said to be dedicated to a nuanced exploration of one energy drink at a time. For the inaugural episode of IGTYB, XAD singled out a an especially rare find in the elusive, European-Only sugar free coconut Red Bull.

Wile nursing sips and dissecting the flavor profile of the caffeine rush, the band trade stories about late night trio drives, and how extraterrestrials not only exists, but they may actually have had a hand in the creation of energy drinks. However, outlandish the premise, the banter between the guys offers fans a great glimpse into the dynamic of XAD.

For more podcasting goodness, Extinction A.D.'s Rick Jimenez also hosts his 'Thrashers, Slashers, and the Road to Wrestlemania' show that melds movies, music and pro-wrestling into a pretty entraining listen.

Watch the first episode of 'It's Go Time, You Asshole!' from Extinction A.D. below.