Wednesday 13 on his 20 Years of Fear tour and more on the latest Talk Toomey Podcast

Wednesday 13 graciously spent his day off checking in with Knotfest via the Talk Toomey podcast with host Josh Toomey. The veteran musician and songwriter is currently in the thick of his 20 Years of Fear tour with Wednesday 13 and guested on the show to discuss his craft, getting back on the road after the two year intermission of Covid and some of the special people he has worked with in his career.

Naturally, Wednesday's ties to Joey Jordison dominated the conversation. He recalled getting that first phone call from Joey Jordison to form Murderdolls. In fact, Wednesday talked about working his day job at the time, delivering magazines - on the same day he got the call from Joey, he remembered stocking the Rolling Stone cover story that featured Slipknot.

Wednesday revisited flying to Iowa for the first time and both he and Jordison instantly hitting it off, having the same kind of humor, the same creative spirit and both having small town roots. He recalled the meteoric rise of Murderdolls and how significant the project was, being the among the first side projects for guys outside of Slipknot.

Wednesday explained the air of cool that came with being around Joey, with legends like Dave Grohl and Charlie from Anthrax that would freak out in being able to talk with Joey. Wednesday also recalled getting together with Joey in 2019 while on tour, reconnecting over Texas Chainsaw Massacre quotes and texting with him just before his passing.

The guys also get into Wednesday 13's unwavering appreciation for the legendary Alice Cooper. He gushed over Cooper's showmanship and consistency, while detailing the kind of pride he took in being able to have him featured on the last Wednesday 13 record, Necrophaze.

As for the future of Wednesday 13, the frontman explained that the band's next chapter is in the works as the most recent effort is currently being mixed. Excited to begin the next phase of the band with Napalm Records, Wednesday shared that the record they have dialed in should very much appeal to the band's longest-running fans given its classic Wednesday 13 sound.

Stream the complete interview with with Wednesday 13 below via the Talk Toomey podcast.