Watch the official trailer for the franchise finale of Jackass Forever

It has been over a decade since the last Jackass film debuted in theaters. The franchise's 2010 iteration was an ambitious 3D effort that was thought to be the final film in the series, until Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville decided to give it one more go round.

After a myriad of delays associated with releasing a feature length film during a global pandemic, the official trailer for the fourth and presumably the final film in the franchise has arrived, and it would seem, the boys intend to go out with a bang.

The film is the first to go without original crew members Ryan Dunn who tragically passed in 2011 and without Bam Margera. Though the skateboarding pioneer was initially part of the production, rumors of his continued bout with substance abuse ultimately led to his being removed from the film.

The film also made headlines during production when both Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O were admitted into the hospital just two days into filming, following a stunt in which the pair jumped onto a treadmill at full speed wile holding band instruments - a tuba in fact.

Combined with concussions, broken bones, and inevitable toll of time, Jackass Forever is likely going to close out the culturally formative film series and punctate a career of hijinks that have endeared the crew to multiple generations of fans.

For the finale, Jackass Forever taps guest appearances from the likes of Eric Andre, Tyler the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly - all of which are spotted in the trailer, as well as spots from the legend Tony Hawk, Shaquille O’Neal, UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou, Darby Allin, Matt Hoffman, Post Malone and more.

The film arrives in theaters on October 22nd. Watch the official trailer below.