Tallah showcase their influences with a Knotfest curated playlist

Ahead of the band's October 2nd debut, Matriphagy, Tallah has amassed a swell of momentum with a succession of single releases that reiterate the band's inventive, uninhibited sound.

Album offerings including, "The Silo," "We, the Sad," "Red Light," "Overconfidence," "Placenta," and "L.E.D." not only emphasize the prolific pace at which the band is cranking out solid singles but double down on the dynamic quality of the tracks that comprise the ambitious concept album - no small feat for a debut record.

While there has been plenty printed about Tallah's nu-metal lean, the reality is that the band manages to skillfully weave a myriad of influences into their sound in a way that translates as modern. Rather than borrow credibility from their predecessors, the band crafts their own identity while tipping their hat to those that prompted the guys to pick up their instruments in the first place.

Given the diversity on display from Matriphagy thus far, the next step would be to explore just where the band take their inspirational cues. Collectively, Justin Bonitz, Max Portnoy, Andrew Cooper, and Derick Schneider have curated a collection of tracks for Knotfest that emphasizes the lineage the band gravitates towards.

A healthy mixture of living legends, moderns classics, and cult anthems, the playlist clearly asserts Tallah's ear for the interesting and penchant for artists that think outside the box.

Stream the HEAVY ESSENTIALS playlist from TALLAH - HERE

Max Portnoy's Picks

Maximum The Hormone - "What's Up, People!"
Portnoy - I chose this song because Maximum The Hormone is one of the more "outside of the box" bands in metal right now. They're taking the thing System Of A Down used to do, and reinventing it.

Code Orange - "You And You Alone"
Portnoy - Code Orange are leading the charge in the future of metal, in my opinion. This is my personal favorite off the new album.

Slipknot - "Disasterpiece"
Portnoy - One of Slipknot's angriest songs. The arrangement is really creative, and the drumming is amazing.

Korn - "Right Now"
Portnoy - The song that really got me into Korn. Will always be one of my favorites by them.

Knocked Loose - "Mistakes Like Fractures"
Portnoy - Showcases every element of Knocked Loose you could expect and want.

Justin Bonitz's Picks

Varials - "The New Damnation"
Bonitz - This song makes me exceed the speed limit while driving through quiet, suburban neighborhoods.

Fire From The Gods - "Excuse Me"
Bonitz - This song makes me run so fast on the treadmil; I have to take a break to catch my breath so I don't trip and fall.

Poison The Well - "Ghostchant"
Bonitz - This song makes me PVP better in online video games.

Kublai Khan - "The Hammer"
Bonitz - This song makes me want to trash the arts & crafts isle of a local Walmart.

King810 - "Alpha & Omega"
Bonitz - This song makes me annihilate all the flowers in my summer garden.

Andrew Cooper's Picks

Killswitch Engage- "Hollow Convictions"
Coop - I love this new song from their latest release. It’s really catchy and I love the screaming vocals.

System of a Down- "Prison Song"
Coop - This one is a perfect album starter, it sets the tone and gets weird and heavy right away and I love the message.

Limp Bizkit - "Full Nelson"
Coop - Just a good song to work out or get your aggression out to. Wes Borlin is so unique and has a really great heavy tone.

Linkin Park - "A Place For My Head"
Coop - This song helped me cope as a kid when I was lonely and it’s extremely cathartic every time I sing along with it. This band was my intro to heavy music.

Mudvayne - "Dig"
Coop. - This one has so much aggression and it has these weird elements that sound like slap piano. It’s wild and strange and heavy.

Derrick Schneider's Picks

Northlane - "4D"
Schneider - I love the NuMetal vibes and the Linkin Park type chorus. Love the use of 8 string guitars.

SpiritBox - "Rule of Nines"
Schneider - Love what this band had been doing lately. The modern metal sound mixed with a string singer. This song shows off this band the best.

Periphery - "Blood Eagle"
Schneider - One of the most heavy songs I have ever heard. Periphery has always been one of my favorite modern metal bands.

Deftones - "Diamond Eyes"
Schneider - One of my all time favorite Deftones songs. Love the use of odd time signatures and 8 string riffs.

Nothingmore - "This Is The Time"
Schneider - Always one of my favorite songs. Love the riffs and chorus.