Stormi Maya of Cinnamon Babe talks "Rock 'N' Roll Is Black" on the latest Talk Toomey Podcast

Frontwoman Stormi Maya of Cinnamon Babe guest on the most recent edition of the Talk Toomey podcast. The songstress recently released the track, "Rock N Roll Is Black" - a track loaded with social commentary that ranges from metal music gatekeeping to racial stereotypes. Since it's debut, the track has resonated in a huge way garnering massive numbers via TikTok and causing a firestorm in the comments section.

On the podcast, Maya spoke about the gatekeeping in metal, how she feels she is a gateway for some listeners, and addresses the people that are on the other side of the line in the sand who present an opposing viewpoint. Sharing her own experience as a person of color in the rock music space, Maya detailed how the track originated as her response to people that made her feel like she didn't belong - explaining "rock music was made by black people."

While the track conveys a powerful message of cultural connection, pride and identity, Maya explains the notion of "taking her culture back" isn't about excluding anyone - it's more a message of inclusion. The intention of the track was always about opposing being shunned from a space that Maya's people helped to create.

The candid conversation also detailed how TikTok further fueled the popularity of the song, how the comments section is always difficult to navigate and the origins of Cinnamon Babe and what the future holds for the band. Toomey also talked with Maya about her acting career and what is in the forecast, her thoughts on the terrible foster care system, and upcoming touring plans for the band.

Stream the complete episode below.