Sneak preview tickets for Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' go on sale August 21st

Among the major film titles scheduled for a 2020 release, Christopher Nolan's Tenet was atop the list of hotly-anticipated. While the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has nullified the theatrical release calendar, it looks as though Tenet will still get some kind of rollout.

Warner Bros. is launching a three-night run of sneak preview screenings set to begin on August 31st. According to Indiewire, theaters that are offering screenings of the film must abide by contractual stipulations that are pretty detailed.

Theaters must pay Warner Bros. 63% of the gross receipts. They must also limit screenings to one per night, with the film beginning no earlier than 5pm local time. In accordance with safety protocol, the theaters must also abide by all state and local health mandates.

Tenet is scheduled to open nationwide on September 3rd with advanced tickets for regular engagements going on sale August 27th.