Snake Sabo of Skid Row on new album The Gang's All Here and more on the latest episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast

Snake tells the story of meeting Erik Grönwall and getting him in the band, and also talks about the rehearsals for the Scorpions shows and how well they went. He discusses getting a pass from metal fans that don't dig the hair era, and tells the story of Jon Bon Jovi giving him camcorders one year for Christmas and how the footage from those cameras became the Skid Row Home Videos.

Dave and Josh talk about the Pantera reunion and Skid Row taking them on tours back in the day, and the one show on the tour that Pantera and Soundgarden played together. Snake tells of his pride in being able to play on diverse lineups, and quick hits on magazines vs podcasts, concert YouTube rabbit holes and the Sam Loomis leaks, the Elvis movie, and playing on Saturday Night Live.