Slipknot partner with The Sandbox to plant their flag in the Metaverse

Revered as a pioneering name among the decentralized world of gaming innovators, The Sandbox continues to shape the landscape of Web3, cultivating new terrain in the Metaverse. The subsidiary of Animoca Brands has announced a newly forged partnership with the like-minded trailblazers of Slipknot and their festival and media destination in Knotfest in an initiative that will again see the band braving new creative territory.

Functioning as the Web3 companion of the cultural destination and festival hub in, The Sandbox, in partnership with Slipknot will establish roots in the Metaverse under the banner of the Knotverse - galvanizing a forward-thinking community with Knotfest experiences, concerts, and lifestyle. The joint venture underscores the creation of a one-of-a-kind meeting place for the global heavy music contingent in the metaverse.

Knotverse will be a fully immersive space hosting Web3 experiences curated both by Slipknot and Knotfest. The roadmap will see unique NFTs and generative collections, plus metaverse concerts, gaming and fan experiences, unique collaborations, wearables and much more all in a concerted effort to increase the presence of heavy culture in the metaverse. Additionally, the partnership will include a vital element of utility through access to new music, IRL events, festival experiences, merchandise, gear, masks, and more.

The Knotverse Lands in The Sandbox will serve as an extension of the Knotfest dark carnival theme - integrating more than two decades of Slipknot's vast thematic tapestry and iconic imagery - authentically translated for Web3 in a space that is equal parts digital real estate and amusement park.

“When I started playing Quake online in 1999 and Minecraft in 2011, it was another level”, says M. Shawn “clown” Crahan. “But at the time, I couldn’t have Sid scratching next to me, I couldn’t offer visual art to fans. All we could do together was play the game. But little ideas like that are not only possible now, they barely scratch the surface. We are listening, we are watching, and we are going where our fans are leading us. And if you don’t understand or you’re worried, know that we’re going to help bring our fans along. We are getting in this for all of us, with all of us, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have coming up.”

“We’re proud to welcome Slipknot and Knotfest as the first heavy music band to open a home for their community in The Sandbox open metaverse,” said Sébastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “We’re building the future of digital expression and social interactions and this partnership invites a diverse, freethinking new audience to experience the benefits of true ownership where any Slipknot NFT can be used not only in The Sandbox but on any other compatible platform.”

Slipknot/Knotfest are the latest in a long list of some 200 global brands that have forged such innovative IP partnerships to firmly stake their claim with the creation of their voxelized versions of their world in the metaverse. Among the names already planting their flag in the world of Web3 include, Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft and Rabbids, Shibuya 109, Gucci, HSBC, The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, and CryptoKitties to name just a few.