Sergio Vega of Quicksand on leaving Deftones, collabs with Keith Buckley and more on the latest Talk Toomey podcast

The latest edition of the Talk Toomey Podcast welcomes former Deftones bassist and Quicksand veteran Sergio Vega for a comprehensive chat that brings fans up to date. The musician and producer spoke candidly about his tenure with Deftones, his relationship with the departed Chi Cheng, and ultimately the reasons behind his recent departure after some 12 years as a contributor.

This portion of the discussion leads to chat about being a hired gun versus being a full member. Sergio also speaks on playing with Deftones at Riot Fest with Misfits, being in the CBGBs scene, and first getting into playing bass. He also shares the details of his current projects including his continued work with his primary unit Quicksand and his ongoing work as a producer for other artists. Vega discussed some of the names he is working with, including that of Keith Buckley, formerly of Every Time I Die - a revelation that has to pique the interest of hardcore fans everywhere.

The conversation is honest, earnest, and insightful, underscoring the kind of consummate professional Sergio Vega has been and continues to be. Stream the complete episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast with special guest Sergio Vega below.