Season 2 of The Boys Set to Air In September

Amazon Prime’s wildly popular anti-superhero series The Boys is set for a second season starting in September. Three episodes will be available on September 4th, with weekly installments running through October 9th.

The news broke during a recent virtual cast reunion hosted by Patton Oswalt. The comedian is actually set to join the cast of the series for the upcoming season as Tek Knight.

Among the biggest takeaways from the reunion special include three glorious minutes of the first episode of the second season. Starting at about 47:00, Stan Edgar played by Giancarlo Esposito helms the lead of Vought International after the death of Madelyn Stillwell at the end of Season 1. Meanwhile, Black Noir played by Nathan Mitchell, is taking heads as souvenirs.

The entire reunion special can be seen below, including the season 2 trailer that first drove fans into a frenzy late last year.