Rock & Roll fire-starters Cherry Bombs announce three nights of Macabarét

Existing somewhere between performance art and an arena rock show is the Las Vegas-based Cherry Bombs. A potent combination of aerial ballet and rock & roll choreography, these fire-wielding temptresses are a new generation of burlesque that comes to kick your ass.

Fresh off their dazzling appearance alongside Corey Taylor during his global streaming event from the historic confines of The Forum in Los Angeles, Cherry Bombs are now set to step into the spotlight all their own with the announcement of their virtual show debut, Macabarét.

Macabarét depicts a man navigating an unpredictable course of torment and retribution. Stranded in the middle of the desert, the protagonist makes himself at the White Dog Saloon seeking some direction, help. What he finds is way more than he bargained for.

The spectacle of tense aerials, fire manipulation, and high-octane dance showcases a modern take on the sultry seduction of burlesque that is both visually mesmerizing and thoroughly empowering.

Cherry Bombs founder, creative lead and artistic director expands on the genesis of the ambitious streaming event.

"Macabarét is the next step in the evolution of CHERRY BOMBS. Traditionally, we presented our shows in variety-style, but this time, I wanted to do something completely different. I spent months writing a fun and entertaining storyline for this new production, loosely based on folklore surrounding the goddess Pele and what happens to those who cross her, something I learned while living in Hawaii.

CHERRY BOMBS will bring all the familiar daredevil elements that our fans expect and love, along with a few new surprises. There is intention behind every detail: every movement, piece of wardrobe, music choice, and character. Having to cancel our tour due to COVID seemingly ruined our chances of debuting this show to our fans. However, a light in this storm has emerged as an opportunity to bring this show globally, and in a distinctive and artistic cinematic style. If you're a fan of rock and metal music, you will enjoy experiencing some of your favorite songs in an entirely new way."

In addition to the announcement of Macaberét, the third season of Girl Gang is also in the works. Set to premiere sometime in early 2021, the show will detail the troupe's efforts in developing and refining their most comprehensive live production to date. Navigating the essential choreography, fire and aerial skills, wardrobe, the creative campaign, and rehearsals while complying with COVID protocol, the third season of the series will deliver an intimate look at the kind of workload involved in such a monumental production.

Macaberét broadcasts January 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2021 with two start times per day - 12pm & 6pm PT/ 3pm & 9pm ET/ 8pm & 2am GMT/ 9pm & 3am CET. Shows broadcast 'as live', with no post-event playback.

Early bird tickets and merch bundles are currently available at Among the additional offerings include exclusive Macaberét merch, the Cherry Bombs 2021 calendar, a director's cut of the virtual show, and Meet & Greet options.

Watch the tantalizing trailer for Macaberét from Cherry Bombs below.