Rainn Wilson saves the earth from a pandemic in the trailer for 'Utopia'

Amazon Prime released the trailer for their original series, Utopia and so much of what is happening onscreen feels like art imitating life.

The story revolves around a virologist played by Rainn Wilson. Navigating social unrest, conspiracy freaks, and worldwide panic, he attempts to save the world from the continued spread of the virus.

The show also features John Cusack as an eccentric tech billionaire and Sasha Lane as the leader of a crew of comic book aficionados that connect online over their affinity for the comic book of the same name.

The eight-episode series follows the group as they unearth clues from the pages of the book that unfolding in reality. All this is happening while Wilson continues to work towards eradicating the impending threat of the superflu.

The series is penned by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn and was adapted from the hit UK series created by Dennis Kelly - who actually functions as an executive producer for the Amazon Prime version.

Watch the full trailer below. Utopia begins streaming on Amazon Prime September 25th.