Philip Anselmo reveals his ranking of Pantera albums with Revolver

In a recent feature with Revolver, legendary frontman Philip Anselmo, who currently fronts the likes of Scour, En Minor, Down, and the his namesake back by The Illegals, was asked an incredibly difficult question - if he had to, how would he rank the albums that Pantera released from best to worst.

Taking some real time to justify his rationale, Anselmo responded, "The only record I had a tough time doing the sequence for was the last record... Reinventing the Steel. It was almost like any one of those songs could have opened up the record or closed the record. It was tough. And maybe... for that reason alone, I'll go with... ah this is tough man!"

Using that justification, Anselmo listed Pantera's final record as their very best in his eyes. Working his way down the line, Anselmo cited 1994's 'Far Beyond Driven' as the number 2, 'The Great Southern Trendkill' in the third spot, surprisingly the band's seminal 'Vulgar Display of Power' as the fourth, and 'Cowboys From Hell' and 'Power Metal' closing out the list.

The ranking is definitely going to ruffle some feathers but makes for great debates. Watch Anselmo share his thoughts below.