Paranormal Activity Returns With The First Trailer for 'Next of Kin'

The Paranormal Activity franchise brought back the found footage subgenre in a huge way back when it was unleashed onto audiences in October of 2009. With a minimalist production, plot, and rudimentary yet incredibly effective scares, the original film was an enormous success and went on to become what is considered to be the most profitable film ever made, at least as far its return on investment goes.

Naturally, big wigs demanded more and the film spawned five sequels that were released year after year, all of which made money but also were met with mixed responses from critics and audiences. Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin will be the seventh film in the franchise and the first in six years after 2015's The Ghost Dimension.

The new film will launch exclusively on Paramount+ - one of the first big exclusives for the streaming service and will act as a reboot rather than a sequel. Those looking to jump back into the franchise without worrying about the intertwined story of the first six films can breathe a sigh of relief.

Next of Kin is directed by William Eubank, known for Love, The Signal, and last year's underrated sci-fi horror Underwater. To add to the fresh excitement of the reboot, the film is also written by Christopher Landon, fresh off of helping reviving the fun of the slasher genre with Happy Death Day and Freaky. This also marks a return for Landon to the Paranormal Activity world, having previously written the second, third, fourth, and fifth installments.

'Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin' releases exclusively on Paramount+ on October 29th.