Nova Twins spread main character energy on their sophomore album, 'Supernova'

Regarded as one of the most exciting, emerging forces in London's current rock music landscape, the Nova Twins in Amy Love and Georgia South checked in for a chat with Knotfest correspondent Alicia Atout while at Slam Dunk Fest.

The trio quickly got down to brass tacks, detailing the band's trajectory and their meteoric ascension propelled by the strength of their sophomore studio album, Supernova. Fully committed to the lifestyle, Amy and Georgia explained how following their own soundcheck, they managed to get out onto the fields to explore the footprint as fans, even getting into a bit of a scuffle in the pit for the Cassyette set.

The duo explained how Supernova was an especially apropos title given the current streak the band has been on. Burning bright as one of rock music's universally hailed contributors, the tandem also confided how the Mercury prize-nominated album was especially significant in getting them through a turbulent time. The pair conveyed that they hope that energy not only translates into the record but that the resilience that is the common thread throughout is something the listener can absorb and use for themselves - taking on that "main character energy" to tackle their own roadblocks, whatever those might be.

The ladies of Nova Twins confided how Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" was a steady studio anthem that helped during creative stalls and provided a segue into discussing their exploration of sexuality on the track "Puzzles". Georgia and Amy shared that their fashion sense might be baggy pants and big t-shirts, but that often times that aesthetic is misconstrued as drab modesty. For the track"Puzzles", the idea was to craft an anthem that balances the seduction of the twerk, with the energy of the pit to make a rock track that was as aggressive as it was alluring. Thus challenging the status quo of modern rock music.

The trio touched on their shared love for all things Tom Morello and Rage Against the Machine, their mutual love and experimentation for fashion and how their forward-thinking with regards to finding their look included being ahead of the curve but is now en vogue.

Nova Twins are set to begin their North American tour later this month. The duo begin in Los Angeles with a set at The historic Roxy Theatre and wrap mid-October with a finale at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Dates and tickets can be found - HERE

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