New Music Throwdown: Playlist Adds 4.09.21

Andy Biersak continues his hustle streak as Black Veil Brides drop their latest "Fields of Bone", off their upcoming sixth album 'The Phantom Tomorrow' dropping June 4th. The album will also feature previously released "Scarlet Cross" and drops with an accompanying comic/graphic novel. Biersak, coming off his highly successful role in Amazon's 'Paradise City' this past month, also directed the music video.

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"A gripping portrayal of the pitfalls of rock n roll excess helmed by a true trailblazer in Ash Avildsen"

Sabaton marches on with "The Royal Guard", an English translation of their Top 10 hit "Livgardet". The track will package with their original Swedish version for a limited edition vinyl made with actual gunpowder. Fire away here.

This week's Top 10 sees a bit of a shuffle around, with Architects' "Animals" jumping Gojira and their latest "Amazonia". Both bands track three songs in the Top 50. Rounding out the rest of the 10 is Beartooth, System of a Down, ADTR, Evanescence, the Pretty Reckless x Tom Morello collab, previously mentioned Sabaton & Chevelle.

Check these plus last week's adds - Corey Taylor's superhero group with Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo of Slayer, Butcher Babies vulnerable "Last Dance", Hyro the Hero's next step in his innovative new-age mixtape with "Legendary" featuring Atreyu's Brandon Saller and "Negative Noise", the aggressively brilliant latest from Tetrarch.

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The Pulse of the Maggots playlist continues to showcase how much absolutely stunning emerging artists there are currently in the genre.

Our Hollow, Our Home continues their destructive bulldozing towards May 28th (and the release of their fifth album 'Burn in the Flood') with their latest "Seven Years (Shine a Light on Me)". The moving powerhouse follows previous tracks on the playlist including "Overcast", the title-track "Burn in the Flood" and "Remember Me" with Crystal Lake frontman Ryo Kinoshita. Get here quick May 28th, we're ready.

The Knotfest Premiere this week comes from Northern England extreme metal horde Osiah. "Temporal Punishment” lays waste to all in its path with non-stop brutality ahead of their their third full length, 'Loss', hitting May 7th.

With only their second ever track, German rookies Defocus continues to impress. Following last month's "Common Grave", the band raise the bar with the pulsating "Thought of a Vision". Their debut album, 'IN THE EYE OF DEATH WE ARE ALL THE SAME' seeks out the unassuming on July 2nd, prepare accordingly.

Two months after dropping the ripping "DXXM II', Scarlxrd is back with "Dxing Me." Though the beat is more chill, Scarlxrd is still not, going fiercely off for two straight minutes of aggressive throwdown.

Purgatory drop their second album, 'Lawless to Grave' behind today's single release of "Grave of Sorrow". Adam Yoe wrote an incredible review of the album over at No Echo, in which he calls the album "another masterclass in street-level metallic hardcore....Fuck heaven. I’m staying here." Check it here.

The tides and waves continue to get more dangerous as Oceans attack with the moody "Shark Tooth" with support from ANNISOKAY's Christoph Wieczorek. The band's second album, '‘WE ARE NØT OKAY’, features the title track with Caliban's Andy Dörner & "Voices" with Lena Scissorhands.

The album aims to spread help for those dealing with depression. "Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. Depression can lead to suicide. 800,000 people die from suicide every year. This is one person every 40 seconds.You are not alone! Your thoughts are not strange, you are loveable! The world is a prettier, funnier and more pleasant place with you in it! Without you, something would be missing – even if you do not think so! You deserve help, you do not have to carry your history, your experiences and feelings all by yourself! There is hope! Never lose it."

LA's Holy Wars continues to spit heavy alternative in the world with their latest "TV Dinner" as Kat Leon pops off over scorching industrial-esque gripping guitars. The band previously provided the theme song to WWE's Hell in a Cell with their track "Welcome to My Hell" and have since dropped "Little Godz" which premiered here at Knotfest.

Pulse of the Maggots Fest alumni, VCTMS, drops a cover of Chiodos' "The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined" while Sumo Cyco return with their brat attack styled "Vertigo".

These join last week's releases from Afterlife, Octopus Montage, SeeYouSpaceCowboy... & If I Die First, Beck and more already on the playlist.

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New Flesh (Most Recent 100 Tracks) is packed with familiar names from Red Fang, Zao, Fit for a King to Crossfaith, ZillaKami and even the return of Orgy.

Red Fang are back with "Arrows" and the announcement of their first album in five years of the same name. The album will hit June 4th. The music video highlights that the band hasn't lost its tongue-in-cheek humor in the lost time.

Zao are back with their 12th album, 'The Crimson Corridor' spotlighted by this week's "Lost Star". The metallic hardcore band chatted with our Perran Helyes on why this album includes "parts that people might not expect from us".

Crossfaith tease more on the horizon with "RedZone", a hyper-space fireblazer written for "the video game GUNDAM - based on one of Japan’s most famous military sci-fi anime series." The track follows "Dead or Alive" released back in February.

In a creatively unique trend, Fit for a King and Silent Planet swap vocalists for a spin on each of their previous tracks. Fit for a King's "Stockholm" gets a vocal makeover from Garrett Russell while Silent Planet's "Trilogy" feels the wrath of Ryan Kirby.

ZillaKami adds more firepower on his backyard assault teaming up with Lil Uzi Vert for an explosive drive-by on "BADASS".

And as promised, the return of Orgy. The band mainly known for their industrial nu-metal takeover streak from 98's "Blue Monday" off the successful 'Candyass' - through 2004's 'Punk StatiK Paranoia', mainly dissipated after 2005 with only frontman Jay Gordon still involved as mainstays Amir Derakh & Ryan Shuck had moved on to Julien-K & Death By Sunrise with the late Chester Bennington. "Karma Kastles" is the band's first sound since 2015's one-off EP 'Talk Sick'.

Arion, Devil Sold His Soul and DAMN NATION round the rest of these week's adds joining major hitters (Bodom After Midnight, Rob Zombie), new acts (Abbie Falls, As Everything Unfolds) and everything in between on the New Flesh Playlist.

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