New Music Throwdown: Playlist Adds 3.26.21

Gojira returns with "Amazonia" as they slay away to April 30th's 'Fortitude'. Already loaded with heavy anthems in "Born for One Thing" and "Another World", 'Fortitude' promises to deliver more of the same high quality metal synonymous with the band including their last album - 2017's Grammy-nominated 'Magma'. The band flashes it all on this one.

Lamb of God's "Hyperthermic/Accelerate" completes the 'Lamb of God' Deluxe Edition release today. The deluxe edition additionally features the live performance of the self-titled album from last year's 'Live in Richmond, VA' streaming event from which two tracks already reside in the Top 50 with "Memento Mori" & "Ghost Shaped People". The album, and a chance to win a signed copy, are up in the final round in the Bracket Challenge against 'Ashes of the Wake' as The Best Lamb of God Album. Only two days left to vote.

Evanescence's long awaited 'The Bitter Truth' finally lands behind today's showcase of the rock anthem "Broken Pieces Shine". It's the band's first album since 2017's 'Synthesis' and features the hits "Wasted On You", "The Game is Over" & "Use My Voice".

Following last week's surprise drop of "Devastation", Beartooth is back with another in "The Past is Dead". The track premiered on SiriusXM's Octane and continues their heavy attack on 2021. The track comes with news of a brand new album, 'Below' coming June 25th.

August Burns Red's 'Guardians' b-side "Icarus" finally sees the light of day in anticipation of their ‘Guardian Sessions’ EP which will feature a collection of b-sides, covers (including "Chop Suey") and reimagined tracks. The EP drops April 16th.

Bring Me the Horizon continues to hold the crown at the top with "Parasite Eve" while Architects hold near the top, placing at #2. Last week's "Devastation" from Beartooth hits #4, while other newcomers ZillaKami and Northlane crack the top 10.

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The week's Pulse of the Maggots playlist is a ruckus of emerging talent thanks to soon-to-be-household-names in As Everything Unfolds, Vexed, Ghost Iris, Lotus Eater, Abbie Falls, Kamiyada+ and more.

The highly-anticipated debut album, 'Within Each Lies the Other', from As Everything Unfolds finally hits the earwaves. The band has been on a massive tear since exploding on the scene back in 2018 with their EP 'Closure'. Previously premiering "On the Inside" with Knotfest, today they release "Stay" following hits "Hiding from Myself", "Take Me There" and "Grayscale". This album cycle has really shown the band in top form and established them as a band to be heard in 2021. Stream, stream often - you're listening to the future of the genre.

Speaking of the future of the genre, Vexed continues to make noise as furious contender. Wednesday's "Epiphany" follows "Hideous" in prepping the world for 'Culling Culture' which drops May 21st.

Pulse of the Maggots Fest alumni Hacktivist release the rapid-fire explosion "Planet Zero" while announcing their next album, 'Hyperdialect' coming June 18th. Previously the band was last seen with Kid Bookie on 2020's “Armoured Core“.

Ghost Iris dropped a Knotfest Premiere yesterday with "cold sweat" off the upcoming 'Comatose' coming May 7th. Armed with the kind of philosophical heft to match their instrumental assault, Ghost Iris remain uncompromising in their charge on the landscape of aggressive music.

Lotus Eater, the brutally damaging outfit from the UK is grabbing skulls and forcing the heaviest down on their latest "Vermin". This is another name to circle on 2021's must see, their energy of straight chaos will be something to experience.

The latest from Abbie Falls sees the band in full blown assault in the terrifyingly pounding breakdown-packed "No One's Below" which is the final track completing the band's 4 track EP journey that started in late July of last year.

Kamiyada+ is building towards something, his latest deeply dark aggressive throwdown "U Made the Devil Cry" shares the same artwork as his earlier 2021 release "Metal In Me" hinting that something might be on horizon.

Saint Agnes' "I'm With You Everywhere You Go" highlights the band's mini-album 'Vampire' which dropped earlier in the week. The rock slayer punctuates a campaign that also featured "Repent" and the title track, "Vampire".

Immerse's newest "Burn" brings home release day of their latest album, 'The Weight That Holds Me Here'. Previous weeks saw "Red Shade", "With You" & "23/19" all hit the playlist.

'68's 'Give One Take One' showcases the band's first full length since 2017's highly acclaimed 'Two Parts Viper' spotlighted by today's release of "What You Feed". Previously "Bad Bite" prominently set the hand-clapping rock ripper tone of the album.

Albums, ALBUMS! Wheel, the Finnish prog-metal band that's been spotlighted quite often on the playlists over the past year, finally see their album, 'Resident Human' hit. Today's "Ascend" represents the offering that also features the soothing "Fugue", "Hyperion" and "Movement".

Monasteries unleash "One Minute to Midnight" which is a pit opening breakdown away from sending the entire world to the ER. The track is a HEAVY NIGHTMARISH PUNCH.

Deference's "Shadow" follows in that same footstep, another impressive brutal takedown filling out the playlist.

Deadlights unwrap the heavy hitting but charismatic "The King of Nowhere" for a fist pounding hammer of a track. While Monuments shred a strong range of talent on "Deadnest".

Nadya Tolokno of Pussy Riot guests on the aggressive hammering smash "Power" from Siiickbrain releasing today and hitting the Pulse playlist.

TheCityIsOurs & Pridelands show off fine burning metalcore on "Violent" & "Heavy Tongue" respectively.

Other albums dropping this week come from Stepson's 'Help Me, Help You' with the today's track "Come with Me" highlighting the release, as well as Cryptosis' "Conjuring the Egoist" showing off their latest 'Bionic Swarm'.

Bala, Above/Below, Blanket & InRetrospect fill out the rest of this week's add. Stream these alongside impressive displays from ERRA, Wristmeetsrazor, Death Blooms, Brand of Sacrifice, Vexed, Novelists, Pupil Slicer, Cane Hill and more already on the playlist.

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New Flesh (Most Recent 100 Tracks) overflows with big names this week as album drops from Genghis Tron, Death from Above 1979 and Tomahawk fill the marquee.

Genghis Tron's anticipated album 'Dream Weapon' finally hits, 13 YEARS after their last album, 2008's 'Board Up the House'. Previously the electro-experimental metal band teased with the title-track, "Dream Weapon", "Ritual Circle" & "Pyrocene". A must stream for those looking for a fresh unique taste, which is in high functioning fashion on today's "Great Mother".

Death from Above 1979 jam into release day for 'Is 4 Lovers' with "Modern Guy" hitting the playlist. The rock heavy-alt duo previously kicked off the campaign with the riffing groove hit "One + One".

Like-minded duo Royal Blood release their third single off 'Typhoons' dropping April 30, 2021. The latest is a foot tapping electro-rock explosion that goes by the name "Limbo". Previously the band released "Trouble's Coming" and the title-track.

The Bronx kick off their sixth studio album, 'Bronx VI' with "White Shadow", a track frontman Matt Caughthran calls "CLASSIC FUCKING BRONX”. The unique album is a collector's dream as all 11 tracks will release as individual limited-edition 7" singles in a monthly subscription dubbed the "Mirror Press" series with art from Estevan Oriol, DABS MYLA, Craig Stecyk, and Rancid’s Tim Armstrong.

Tomahawk's 'Tonic Immobility' finally hits today as well as the single "Predators and Scavengers", their first in 8 years. The supergroup features Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard/Unsemble), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle/Fantômas), Mike Patton (Faith No More/Mr. Bungle) and John Stanier (Helmet/Battles).

Plus Mammoth WVH, Memoriam, Fear of Domination, finalize the New Flesh adds combining with the previous two playlists to fill out a diverse playlist with major hitters, new acts and everything in between featuring the newest from Rob Zombie, Atreyu, Void of Vision, and more.

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