Morgan Lander of Kittie Talks When We Were Young Fest, Karkaos and more on the latest Talk Toomey Podcast

Kittie frontwoman and guitarist Morgan Lander guested on the latest episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast for a conversation that kicked off with some discussion of the highly-anticipated When We Were Young Fest.

Dissecting the stacked bill, Lander and host Josh Toomey spoke about the nostalgia that is heavily conveyed in the collection of artists and how Kittie seems to be a bit of a wild card stylistically. Lander shared how the festival had been in the works since the fall of last year, and confided that it was a bit of a task to keep quiet about such a major event.

Lander also revealed some of the personnel adjustments needed to make Kittie's appearance a possibility. She spoke about the return of bassist Ivy Vujic and how the band is able to have a core community of contributors that can take time away and still work well with even after such a long layoff.

The frontwoman talked about the kind of setlist the band anticipates assembling for the festival, with Lander explaining that she has already been weighing options. Placing an emphasis on being comprehensive, she shared that she wants to make sure they play something from every album.

The conversation also touched on the kind of history that Kittie has and the impact they have made, given that they are included in a festival line up like this decades into their career. Lander explained that the band documentary Origins/Evolutions did well in framing the story of the band and gave everyone the ability to see and appreciate their time and effort spent together.

Citing Lander's post as host of the Witch Finger Horror Podcast, Toomey had to ask Morgan which were her favorite 80's throwback horror films were the most fun to highlight on her show. Genre staples like Fright Night and The Return of the Living Dead quickly came to mind but Lander also had some surprises to add to the mix, including a rare 80's sci-fi Robocop knockoff called R.O.T.O.R. that Lander says is just too good to omit.

Stream the complete episode of the latest Talk Toomey Podcast with Morgan Lander of Kittie below.