Max Cavalera talks Totem on the latest episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast

On the latest edition of the Talk Toomey Podcast, the legendary Max Cavalera guests for a candid discussion about his latest Soulfly record Totem and the healthy touring schedule that will see the band trekking internationally well into next year.

Cavalera spoke about Totem being the first project since the departure of former guitaristMarc Rizzo and how that affected the outcome of the songs. Max elaborated on how he fell in love with shorter songs and writing with his son and current Soulfly drummer, Zyon Cavalera.

Toomey and Cavalera also dug into the recent commemorative tour that Max did with his brother Iggor in the Return Beneath Arise Tour that saw the duo revisit classic Sepultura, playing essentials from seminal Sepultura albums, Beneath The Remains and Arise

Totem from Soulfly arrives August 5th via Nuclear Blast Records. Get the album - HERE