Mandatory Jams: The best new music of the week (1/8)

To say it has been a heavy week is a hell of an understatement. The first week of 2021 was supposed to be something of a fresh start and well... there seems to be a bit of a 2020 hangover.

Fortunately, there has been some great music that has dropped that will help serve as a distraction from the rest of the chaos happening. Here is a rundown of some of the quality tunes that dropped this week.

Enforced - "Malignance"

Century Media Records

The second single off the band's forthcoming March 12th LP, Kill Grid, the Virginia shedders keep the tempo old school and deliver a crossover track in the vein of Slayer, Exodus, and early Testament. With lyrics that are almost too applicable to the divisiveness happening in the world right now, the tracks is both timely and tough as nails.

Portrayal of Guilt - "Garden of Despair"

Closed Casket Activities

The latest offering from the band's We Ae Always Alone, "Garden of Despair" is a chaotic cacophony that seriously consumes the listener. The track is a dark descent that defies proper description or classification - it has to be experienced to be understood.

Asphyx - "The Nameless Elite"

Century Media Records

The Dutch death legends are in the thick of promotion for their tenth full length LP, Necroceros, and the third single from the album offers some balance to slightly temper their all out assault. Heavy guitars, a locomotive pace, and the growl of Martin van Drunen make for another Asphyx essential.

Werewolves - "Crushgasm"

Prosthetic Records

The Australian death metal trifecta prove relentless with their third single from their album, What A Time To Be Alive. The band's bassist and vocalist described the track as having, "no guitar solos, melody, or mercy" and the assessment is spot on.

Brand of Sacrifice - "Lifeblood"

Blood Blast Distribution

Toronto deathcore prospects Brand of Sacrifice go for the throat with the title track to their sophomore album. A potent mix of sleek programming, precision percussion and the vocal beatdown of frontman Kyle Anderson, make this track a must in the rotation.

TrueShot - "Mirage"

The emerging metalcore outfit deliver well-produced groove a la Wage War, Northlane, and Crystal Lake. Crunchy guitars, hefty drums, and dynamic vocals that range from guttural to gargantuan, this one is easy to bang your head to.

Holy Figures - "Beatrice"

The North Carolina upstarts are fresh on the scene and have managed to make quite the impression with their debut EP, Luck of the Draw. A balanced presentation of 90's alt aggression and dreary distortion, "Beatrice" feels both familiar and fresh and the same time.

Culted - "Black bird"

Season of Mist

The fundamentals of quality doom find an intersection of the cold and cinematic. By that standard, Culted nail it with "Black bird". The beautifully bleak offering articulates an expansive emptiness with subtle heft and brutal sincerity.