Mandatory Jams: New music for the week of 4/9

This week's collection of new jams has arrived and the variation in styles is just a small indicator of just how robust the world of heavy music at the moment. From death metal to doom, noisecore to hardcore, aggressive music continues to defy expectations and reach new audiences in the modern era. From veteran bands to emerging artists that deserve their shine, the list of tracks below is worth digging into.

Crank these.

Frozen Soul - “Arctic Strangehold” (Century Media Records)

Taking their inspirational lineage from the likes of Obituary, Mortician, and Bolt Thrower, emerging death metal unit Frozen Soul craft a classic brand of sonic extremity they cleverly coined, ‘Cold School Death Metal’. The latest showing from their full length ‘Crypt of Ice’ is a bold, brutal, no frills take on the signature of the genre - modernized with a look and feel to reel in a new generation of fans.

Decayer - “Dead Soul” (Seek & Strike)

Coupled with a Lance Gergar-directed visual, Arizona outfit Decayer have marked the beginning of their Seek & Strike era with announcement of a new EP and the first offering from that outing in “Dead Souls”. The three-minute burner offers razor sharp precision and the kind of deathcore derived muscle that is sure to resonate with fans of the genre and beyond.

ten56. - “diazepam” (Out of Line Music)

Comprised of frontman Aaron Matts, the former front of Betraying the Martyrs, along with members of Novelists FR, Uneven Structure, and Kadinja, the mesh of heavy nuance of results in a sound that first with sub categories ranging from industrial to deathcore. Translating a real sense of despair on the record, the introductory track is one full of stylized torment that brutalizes the listener with its big sound.

Light The Torch - "Wilting In the Light" (Nuclear Blast Records)

The project fronted by Howard Jones formerly of Killswitch Engage along with guitarist Francesco Artusato and Ryan Wombacher on bass announced their sophomore album You Will Be the Death of Me in grand fashion with the release of the epic introductory single. Anchored by Jones' towering vocal range and accented by the band's incendiary instrumentation, the track offers an auspicious glimpse at what will arrive in full on June 25th.

Kataan - "Abyss" (Prosthetic Records)

In a track that couldn't be titled more appropriately, the vast chasm of sound that comes to life on "Abyss" really does take the listener on a journey. Described is dystopian death metal, there is a cinematic quality to the track from the duo of Nicholas Thornbury (guitar and vocals) and Brett Boland (drums and bass) that far exceeds the familiar tropes of the genre. Kataan EP will be released via Prosthetic Records on May 7.

Withered - "By Tooth In Tongue" (Season of Mist)

A nuanced balance of death metal aggression and doom metal desolation, Withered's brand of charred distortion is something to behold. The band's first offering from their June 25th LP, Verloren, is an eight-minute epic that is equally disturbing as it is decimating.

Colonial Wound - "I" (New Morality Zine)

Aligned stylistically with a broad range aggression from Unsane to Deadguy to Botch, Colonial Wound's mount a noisy audio assault that is as relentless as it can be frenzied. Despite the chaos that resonates on the track, the band manages to control the cacophony in a way that asserts their artistry while dumping all of their angst into the song. Colonial Wound's Degradation EP arrives April 16th.

Red Fang - "Arrows" (Prosthetic Records)

Portland's riff pushers in Red Fang announced their first album in five years with the unveiling of the title track in "Arrows" and the old adage of some things being worth the has never been more applicable. You can read more about the album announcement - HERE

Goregang - "Long Live The Grime" (Blood Blast Distribution/ Listenable Insanity Records)

Comprised of drummer Taylor Nordberg and guitarist/vocalist Jeramie Kling of The Absence, Goregang's forthcoming EP of the same name arrives April 30th and serves as the follow up to their 2019 debut, Neon Graves. Tapping the tradition of Floridian death metal, the track is a hefty delivery of speed, brutality, and pummel - meeting all the requisites of the genre.

Carnifex - "Dead Bodies Everywhere" (Nuclear Blast Records)

Among the OGs of the deathcore community, Carnifex have paid tribute to their influences with a devastating rendition of Korn's 'Follow The Leader' classic in "Dead Bodies Everywhere". The track was co-produced by the band and Mick Kenney of ANAAL NATHRAKH, returning to the same personnel that worked on the band's 2019 World War X. The stand alone single showcases the band's continued commitment to their sound and long standing rank high atop the deathcore hierarchy.