Mandatory Jams: New music for the week of 3/5

Another week comes to a close and already the first quarter of 2021 is proving to package a killer crop of new music. The latest collection of fresh tunes showcases a healthy diverse of aggression with a wide stylistic spectrum that keeps things interesting and offers something for to cover every flavor.

Here is a quick rundown of the jams that are mandatory for the week ending 3/5. As always, crank these.

Perturbator - "Death of the Soul" (Blood Music)

EBM/Industrial mastermind James Kent has introduced his 'Lustful Sacraments' LP with an ominous, powerfully pulsating banger that channels the throb of classic Nitzer Ebb, early Combichrist, and the anthems of And One. "Death of the Soul" is a synth-centric showing of dynamic dark music that rivals the aggression of any adjacent subgenre.

Thirdface - "Buck" (Exploding In Sound Records)

Nashville alt/noise/hardcore amalgam Thirdface released their debut LP, 'Do It With A Smile' and the level of volatility that reverberates on every single track is nothing short than combustible. The pace and pummel of the 12-track collection is unrelenting and skilled showing of controlled chaos paired with articulates catharsis.

God's Hate - "God's Hate" (Closed Casket Activities)

Somewhere between beatdown, powerviolence, hardcore, and death metal lurks God's Hate. Following the audio dropkick of "Be Harder," the band's title track perfectly summaries their brand of distorted blitz. Plainly violent and unapologetically hostile, this one is an ass-whoopin' from start to finish.

Depths of Hatred - "Pulsating Rhythm" (Prosthetic Records)

A modern iteration of death metal mass with the appeal of big vocal hooks makes the Canadian outfit of Depths of Hatred a promising prospect in the genre. The band's final single "Pulsating Rhythm," revealed from their forthcoming Inheritance LP, is an all out barrage of blast beats and vocal bravado from the bowels that would appeal to old school purists and new jack youngbloods alike.

Being As An Ocean - "Catch the Wind" (Out of Line Music)

Th post-hardcore crew of Being As An Ocean deliver some massive melodies on this one. In what is a very personal, poignant selection for the band, it's instrumental breaks prove arguably more emotive than the it's vocal presence. There is a cinematic quality on this track that rally makes for a vivid listening experience.

Zao - "Croatoan" (Holy Mountain Printing)

Sourcing the historical horrors of early English colonists led by John White that settled in Roanoke Island only to vanish without a trace, Zao explore heady narrative for their latest track "Croatoan". The context of the song segues into an especially ominous outing that slowly unravels into a dark descent in a 4-minute track.

Sunami/Gulch - Split EP (Triple B Records)

Let's skip all the superlative about the San Jose hardcore standouts and highlight the fact that the bands (Sunami and Gulch share members) are commanding the collective attention of heavy music fans every time they drop new music. The four-track split EP that features two cuts apiece is an 11-minute haymaker that is brilliantly explosive throughout.

Bongzilla - "Free The Weed" (Heavy Psyche Sounds Records)

Stoner doom specialists Bongzilla go hard with the rattle and rasp on their latest ode to herb in "Free The Weed". The second single from their first album in 16-years, the riffage is as potent as the smoke on a track that flexes the band's ability to structure the shit out song while never relenting on the heft from start to finish.

Koningsor - "The Venerable Mr. Locust" (Silent Pendulum Records)

The Texas mathcore unit is the latest in a linage of alternative aggressors like Dillinger Escape Plan, Protest The Hero, and Heavy Heavy Low Low. In a short five years, the band has refined their frenzied musical assault, showcasing their ability to work in sonic spaz into a succinct songwriting. The band's next EP arrives on April 30th.