Mandatory Jams: Choice cuts of the week (1/29)

There has been a steady trickle of great new releases that have been dropping all week. Covering the entire spectrum of heavy music, the variation of styles again points to the overall health of aggressive music.

As we do every week, we have compiled a quick reference list of some of the tracks that made their way into the world this week that should be considered for your personal rotation.

Crank these.

Distant - “The Eternal Lament” (Unique Leader Records)

The deathcore prospects hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Bratislava, and Slovakia, deliver a hellacious descent in song with their latest, “The Eternal Lament”. Indulging themes of damnation and medieval lore, the audio carnage specific to Distant comes packaged with dynamic heavy songwriting that showcases tempo changes that range from frenzied to a slow beatdown all in wild 4-minute stretch.

Kamiyada+ - “Metal In Me” (Hopeless Records)

Making his Hopeless Records introduction, the genre-bending defiance of Jovani Duncan is personified in the harsh creams and low end rumble of his emphatic, “Metal In Me”. An inflammatory offering of bass heavy bravado, combined with the confrontational tone and aesthetic of punk, the track serves well to tear at categorization and bridge the best of both worlds.

Mikau / P.S. YOU’REDEAD - “razor x blade” (split/ Chillwavve Records)

It goes against format, but this entire split is damned good it’s worth including the entire thing, not just a track. D.C. synth-latent metalcore Mikau teams with ‘danceviolence’ outfit P.S.YOU’REDEAD and it the glory of the late 2000s is brought back to life. With the spaz of bands like Dillinger and The Locust, plus the muscle of bands like Converge and Botch, the four track effort taps a bot of nostalgia while energizing a familiar sound.

Genghis Tron - “Dream Weapon” (Relapse Records)

Thriving heavy music outsiders, the current iteration of Genghis Tron have resurfaced to deliver their first new material in 13 years. Working with Kurt Ballou of Converge, the band has a new vocalist, a proper drummer, and fresh version of their alternative approach to aggressive tunes. With clean vocals, a percussive gallop, and driving guitars throughout, Genghis Tron again assert that their creative space works well outside the lines.

Gizmachi - “Look What I’ve Become

The New York outfit first kicked a hole in the scene in 2005, capturing the attention of clown of Slipknot and eventually releasing their debut album, The Imbuiing, on his Big Orange Clown Records label. It would be some 16 years before the band resurfaced again and have since done so with Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid at the vocal helm. “Look What I’ve Become” was the first track the band completed with Strid and knew immediately that the chemistry was real. The band's sophomore album, Omega Kaleid, arrives March 12th.

Baest - “Necro Sapiens” (Century Media Records)

The Denmark death metal purveyors deliver a heavy-drinking, hell-raising, head banging respite from the gnarly-ness of the real world with the title track to their forthcoming March 5th LP. The potent concoction of metal macabre, gut rumbling growl, and sold school shred makes makes this banger a no-brainer.

Devil Sold His Soul - “The Narcissist” (Nuclear Blast Records)

UK underground post-hardcore vets Devil Sold His Soul have mad the most of their return from inactivity. Introducing their fourth full length last month with the single “Beyond Reach,” the band has reinforced their return with another powerful offering in “The Narcissist”. Featuring the tandem vocal attack of Ed Gibbs and Paul Green, the track translates as wholly cathartic fundamentally heavy. Watch the band’s Olli Appleyard-directed visual below.

King Yosef X Youth Code - “Burner”

EBM stylists Youth Code have teamed with trap metal tactician King Yosef to reveal the first track from their collaborative LP, A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression. “Burner” quickly establishes a menacing throb, combined with fits of vocal distortion that Taos classic industrial for a modern generation. Blur genre lines to create something all their own, this joint effort promises to be one of the year’s best.

Mind Power - “Mess” (Jump Start Records)

In this pulverizing stream of consciousness ex-A Life Once Lost vocalist Robert Meadows explores his inner demons on a track that portrays a genuine unraveling both musically and lyrically. Building to a cathartic crescendo that features both Meadows and the band simultaneously erupt, the power of conviction is real on this one. The band’s Self Torture LP features guest spots from Cory Brandan of Norma Jean, John Henry and guitarist Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour, Rob Fusco of Most Precious Blood and Mike McKenzie of The Red Chord.

Fires In the Distance - “The Lock and the Key” (Prosthetic Records)

The Connecticut-based outfit is set to make an impressive debut with their forthcoming Echos From Deep November LP. Touting a skilled hand at crafting radiant, cinematic doom, the eight-minute excursion in “The Lock and the Key” is a brilliantly balanced serving of might and melody that translates more score than song.

Regional Justice Center - “Absence” (Closed Casket Activities)

Enlisting the production guidance of ex-NAILS drummer Taylor Young, the raw power of the hardcore outfit is amplified on a pair of track in “Absence” and “Inhuman Joy” that introduce the band’s sophomore LP on Closed Casket Activities in Crime and Punishment. Skipping subtitles, the band’s delivery is straight gut punch of aggression that is equally swift as it is searing.