Lemmy Kilmister immortalized on the grounds at Hellfest; future memorial events in the works

The return of one of heavy music and culture's most celebrated gatherings in Hellfest saw consecutive sold out weekend on the grounds at Clisson, France this month. Touting more than 350 bands spanning multiple stages and multiple days, the festival's two year pause was countered with a resurgence that was nothing short of resounding.

As part of the celebration, organizers at Hellfest took the opportunity to pay tribute to a true icon of sound and champion in the long, rich history of Hellfest. Enlisting the talents of sculptor Caroline Brisset, a massive 36-foot statue of Motörhead pillar Lemmy Kilmister was constructed a positioned as permanent landmark on the festival grounds. Not only does the towering piece keep watch over the gates of Hellfest, it also serves as a monument, enshrining a portion of the ashes of rock's most enduring ambassador.

The introduction ceremony took place following Thursday June 23rd headlining performance from Scorpions and saw Motörhead bandmates Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee on hand to mark the occasion. In front of tens of thousands of fans, the moment was one that will live on forever in lexicon of heavy culture. ”It was a very unique ceremony for a very rare and much loved man,” said Motörhead’s manager Todd Singerman, “Lemmy was a true road warrior, and starting with this historic Hellfest ceremony, we can continue to make sure he remains one.”

The ceremony at Clisson serves as the first in a series of memorializations to the legendary frontman, of which portions of his ashes will be housed at destinations around the world that mattered most to Lemmy. The model follows in the spirit of community that was reiterated when close friends of Lemmy received bullets containing small portions of his ashes - with the intention of remaining connected to the people he loved and cared for most.

“You cannot overstate just how much a man of the people Lemmy was,” said Motörhead’s manager Todd Singerman, “which is why it is so important to enshrine him in his favourite places so he can always be with his fans and they can be with him. We have several places already outlined, and all are places Lemmy truly loved on and off the road.”