Knotfest and Gimme Metal enlist Riki Rachtman for special one-off episode of 'The Ball' and Gimme Metal TV have tapped Headbanger's Ball alumni Riki Rachtman for a special, free one-off episode of 'The Ball'.

Slated for March 27th, 'The Ball' will give fans the opportunity to experience heavy music videos in all their broadcast glory once again. During an interview with rock journalist Ryan Downey, the pioneering VJ discussed how important his tenure at Headbanger's Ball was, how enduring the legacy of the show has been, and how that has segued into a new iteration of the format in, 'The Ball'.

As for what fans can expect, Rachtman shares that there are no restrictions. With a collection of videos ranging from the staples like Megadeth and Metallica, to the modern generation of heavy trailblazers like Power Trip, the programming of 'The Ball' is about nurturing the culture of heavy music.

The show will also give fans the opportunity to interact with Rachtman in real time, staying active with a Chat feature that allows the audience to sound off while the videos are rolling.

The broadcast return of 'The Ball' is set for March 27th at 6pm PT, 9pm ET. To watch, fans are encouraged to download the Gimme Metal app for free via Watch the complete interview below with Ryan Downey and Riki Rachtman to discuss the launch.