Kayzo details latest album 'New Breed' and asserts his metal music roots on the latest Talk Toomey Podcast

Kayzo joins Joshua to discuss his latest album, New Breed, and chats about how he got into metal and hardcore and how he wanted to blend the two styles together. Kayzo speaks on Korn being ahead of their time with their 2011 dubstep album, The Path of Totality, how Skrillex changed the game and bringing bands out to do shows.

The guys also get into the stigma of electronic music and how bizarre that is given how metal, punk and hardcore all seem to be such a common denominator among its practitioners. Kayzo discussed his own love for the heavier spectrum of music, his affinity for hardcore and how so many of his contemporaries all are cut from the same cloth.

He also discusses growing up playing hockey and how the European players would play dance and house music in the locker rooms to get hyped for the games. The guys finally discuss Kayzo's setlist process and debunk the "DJ is just up there hitting a spacebar" myth.