Holding Absence is set to smash the Heavy Music Awards

Lucas Woodland of Holding Absence guested for a quick chat ahead of the band's appearance at this year's Heavy Music Awards to frame what the last year has been like for the Cardiff outfit.

Now a year removed from the release of their lauded 2021 full length, The Greatest Mistake of My Life, Woodland explained that despite the pandemic, the effectiveness of the record has really allowed the band to still continue their ascent even when things were especially slow in during the pandemic's darkest days - a testament to the power of the music.

Going a bit further into the record, Woodland explained that beneath the instrumentation and the performative quality of the music, there is a sense of humanity in the craft that is universal. He shared that The Greatest Mistake of My Life seemed to resonate well on a human level - invoking a sense of emotion that move the listener to truly connect with the art.

In terms of approach, Woodland shares that there are two ways of thinking at the helm of a band - one is stil have the kind of salesman attitude of treating your music like a product that will sell or to just be humble as an artist and say, "here's a thing I made and I hope you like it". Placing an emphasis on authenticity and sincerity in the music, Woodland's hope is that the fans see that and subscribe to it.

As for the band's nominations for this year's Heavy Music Awards, Woodland explains that to be in the greater consciousness of the fans is really what matters most. Holding Absence has been a fixture of the awards since their inception, so to be included in such categories like Best Single and Best Album from Best Newcomer brings their Heavy Music Awards experience full circle in a very special way. Woodland also shared how the band is ready to smash the stage with their performance during the awards show, whether or not they bring home any trophies themselves.

Holding Absence are nominated for three Heavy Music Awards, including Best Production, Best Single - 'Afterlife', and Best Album. The Heavy Music Awards 2022 take place on June 5 at O2 Forum Kentish Town, London.