Hell Bent for Metal Special #10 - Camp Classic: Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud

Hell Bent for Metal's tenth special is another Camp Classic special - where they take a look at a work of metal that spoke to them as queers and explain why - this time looking at Epicloud, the fifth album from the Devin Townsend Project (although 162nd album from Devin himself - ish).

The guys start off by talking about their respective knowledge and admiration for Devin and his countless projects, talking through what they think are some of the best and worst, and explain some of the back stories behind some of his albums, including how the Devin Townsend Project originally came to be after Strapping Young Lad ceased.


Then comes the queer angle. Tom and Matt start by noting just how gloriously camp, happy and incredibly over-the-top this whole album is. One host likes this more than the other. There's talk on how much love is a central focus, a theme throughout the album, and how that relates to specifically Tom's queer experience. It's sometimes clear what exactly Hevy Devy is singing about, but these things are still very relevant and relatable to the LGBTQ+ community.

The guys go through the many ways in which a lot of the lyrics on a lot of the songs on the album could be likened to discovering and accepting yourself for who you really are, and thus going on to let out your inner fabulous and shining for the world to see, not letting anyone stop you. They talk through their own experiences of these moments in their lives and the similarities and differences form what they hear in the songs.

There's also a lot of chat about how sometimes, queer folk need to get through rough times to be accepted and even when the self-acceptance is there, there can be knocks to confidence, especially when, for instance, you hear a homophobic remark from someone you expected better from. However, the overarching theme in these songs seems to be that if you hold on and stay mighty, things will get better and you will find happiness after all.

A vast array more queer meanings are pulled from the album's 13 tracks in their 50 minute run-time, such as the guys that act straight and then go and sleep with other guys, just how much it can mean being in the arms of your partner, and trying to bottle up a feeling when you experience true happiness. Devin here has written an album to help himself, but could potentially also help a lot of queer folk.

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