Hardcore Heavyweight Brody King talks power bombs, soft pretzels and the power of "Finish the Job" on Hardlore

The latest episode of the mini-segments from HardLore live at LA's Sound and Fury from this summer gives us a quick check in from none other than AEW wrestling superstar and ardent champion of all things hardcore, Brody King. The frontman also happens to be bandmates with HardLore host, Colin Young.

The conversation served a precursor to the band's highlight performance at the festival - which makes for an interesting watch given that the very next day, God's Hate would go onto obliterate the crowd at Exposition Park.

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Among the topics covered, both Colin and Brody picked apart their setlist and discussed how the track, "Admission of Guilt" was an unfortunate omission - a favorite that the guys wish they had included come game time. Colin's pick included "Six Feet Deep" - a jam that was surprisingly left out but given time constraints, it had to be saved for another set.


There was also some healthy ribbing over Brody's altercation from earlier this summer when the AEW wrestling sensation stormed a Washington mall to break-up a Darby Allin autograph signing to powerbomb the wrestler through a table in what has since become a viral moment. The real discussion was whether Brody made a stop at Auntie Anne's for a soft pretzel on the way out of the mall after whooping Darby Allin's ass.

In true HardLore fashion, the discussion touches on various talking points spanning from the guys' collective fast food preferences, particularly King's love of Taco Bell, Colin's tenure with Twitching Tongues, and the opus that is the God's Hate anthem "Finish the Job".

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