Greek mathcore mavericks Blame Kandinsky deliver crushing intensity and mind-bending visuals on new single/video 'Ruined'

The song is an exciting precursor for the album, taking in a host of influences from some of the math and hardcore greats in Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan and the recently-reformed Botch, along with hints of their more modern contemporaries in bands like The Sound That Ends Creation and Vorvaň. It's a head-fuck of huge angular riffs, distressed vocals and emotional intensity off the chart, the track ending in a completely different place to where it began, showing the true proficiency of the band and the versatility in their songwriting, and highlighting a huge prospect for the future if they can keep up this level of quality.

The video itself is a hilarious, thought-provoking and often quite intentionally disturbing stop-motion collage with levels of surrealism that would make Salvador Dalí question if he's too tame. Demonstrating their social and political commentary on a lot of the issues that have plagued the world over the last few years, from Covid to corrupt politicians, police brutality to... auto-fellating deer?, Blame Kandinsky don't shy away from tackling controversial but also very personal issues, a foreshadowing of the themes throughout the concept of Eclectic Ruiner.

Speaking on the album, guitarist Marios Samaris remarked:

"The concept behind the album is one’s lifelong struggle. In a world that's asphyxiating with indecency, racism, inequality and greed, we try to stay empathic and honest. Eclectic Ruiner shares the thought that pain is not an illusion, it is a part of us with a million faces that we observe and it observes us back."

Of 'Ruined' itself, he said:

"'Ruined' talks about those periods when you lay really low and you go through a battle with yourself trying either to accept you're drowning, or to fight back and stand up again.

There is no other person involved, it's just you talking to your past self.

The tricky part is that while this is coming over and over again, dredging up the past feels like two sides of the same coin, sometimes it makes you stronger and other times it shuts you down."

Eclectic Ruiner is out Dec 2 via Venerate Industries.