Gibson TV premieres ICONS: Dave Mustaine

The award-winning online network from venerated guitar authority Gibson, has debuted the latest in their ICONS docuseries with a comprehensive, highly-personal examination into the life and legacy of thrash pioneer, Dave Mustaine.

The conversational deep dive, portrays a first-person account from Mustaine himself that revisits his childhood, his formative years as an emerging musician, and his eventual ascent to the heights of heavy music culture as a pillar of thrash metal and an innovator within the genre.

The candid discussion with Mustaine recounts his tenure as the guitarist of Metallica and his unceremonious departure from the band that has become the stuff of metal lore. The rock doc also reveals a handwritten letter from Metallica's bassist Cliff Burton to his then girlfriend, describing the band's terrifying accident in Laramie, WY while they en route to record their album in Rochester, NY.

It was during that pivotal time that Mustaine confides he did plenty of soul searching, arriving at the conclusion that not only would he continue to pursue his aspirations of music, but would establish his own legacy under the Megadeth banner.

He goes unto to describe the earliest days of the band, revisiting the chaotic climate of writing and recording monumental albums include the band's debut, Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! and the band's landmark follow-up album in Peace Sells... Buy Who's Buying? He praised the prowess of players like Marty Friedman who pushed him to never accept mediocrity. He lauded his musical allies like producer Max Norman who unexpectedly took the production reigns for Countdown to Extinction and helped the band earn their first double platinum record.

From Megadeth's leanest years to becoming one of the genre's most prolific contributors, ICONS provides an unfiltered account of the incredible highs and the literal death-defying lows that have established Mustaine as an undeniable force of resilience. Punctuated by a near four decade-long career complete with 50 million albums sold worldwide and accolades that include some 12 Grammy nominations and five consecutive platinum/multi-platinum albums, Mustaine's story is one of adversity, self-discovery, and unparalleled artistry.

“Dave’s ‘Icons’ interview takes an intimate look into his incredible career highs and lows, showing how strong he is and everything he has done to keep Megadeth moving forward,” says Cesar Gueikian, Brand President, Gibson Brands. “The interview also reveals a heartfelt and vulnerable side of Dave that people have never seen before, and it is truly inspiring how he’s transcended his own personal struggles. Gibson is beyond honored to work with Dave Mustaine and bring his creative vision to life.”

Mustaine and Megadeth are set to trek across the county along with Lamb of God for the Metal Tour of the Year run that begins August 20th. The tour marks the band's first stateside run since 2017 and Mustaine's triumphant return following a bout with throat cancer in 2019. Tickets and information can be found - HERE

Watch Gibson TV's ICONS: Dave Mustaine below.