Funko immortalizes Lemmy and Angus for the Album series of their iconic Pop! figures

Purveyors of pop culture collectibles Funko has announced their latest tribute to a pair of rock music's most enduring forefathers.

The latest in the brand's 'Albums' series, Funko will release Lemmy from Motörhead's Ace Of Spades and Angus Young from AC/DC's Highway To Hell. The 1979 version of Angus will feature his timeless devilish schoolboy motif that made the alum cover so unmistakable. The figure follows a previous release of paid tribute to AC/DC's Back In Black.

The Funko version of Lemmy will feature the rock god as he looked on the cover of the seminal 1980 release. The collectible-sized version of Lemmy captures the significance of one of the most important album in heavy music and a larger than life figure in the culture.

The addition of Angus and Lemmy into the archive of Funko POP! figures bolsters the catalog that includes the likes of Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and many more.

Pre-orders are available via Funko - HERE