From Sempiternal to Parasite Eve with Jordan Fish of Bring Me the Horizon

The latest episode of The Downbeat with Craig Reynolds offers a comprehensive discussion with Jordan Fish of Bring Me the Horizon. Citing his love for the band prior to becoming a member, Fish would go on to detail his tenure in the band Worship and how that ultimately segued into a working relationship with Oli Sykes.

Fish recalled the formative Sempiternal album, particularly the track "And the Snakes Start to Sing" as the first examples of the collaborative connection he had with the band. He would also recount Sykes' insane work ethic, working full 16-hour days to nail one particular chorus, one particular verse. The inspirational drive would further solidify the bond between musicians.

Fish's details how he unceremoniously joined the band amid some significant personnel changes. Fish joked that the circumstances, timed along with the band's creative shift, have resulted in him either getting the credit or the blame for the change.

In revisiting the milestones of his career, Fish discussed how he sees Amo as the band's most diverse and most divisive record. He recalled the kind of backlash he faced despite the excitement he had prior to releasing songs like, "Medicine."

The candid conversation included moments of levity that ranged from the band's latest, "Parasite Eve," the shared love for FIFA, Fish's being nervous to do the podcast, and jockeying for the top spot on the charts in a healthy competition with The Stereophonics - the episode bridges the beginning to the here and now regarding Bring Me The Horizon from Fish's perspective.

Check out the new track "Parasite Eve" here