EXHIBIT frames forty years of Beastie Boys merging art and rebellion

Global cultural collective Beyond the Streets, in partnership with live music gamechangers Goldenvoice, launched an incredibly comprehensive curation of all things Beastie Boys last month in Los Angeles. EXHIBIT, spans the totality of the Beastie Boys, from the band's earliest days as a thriving New York hardcore band, to their eventual arrival as pioneering hip hop champions.

Sourcing an exhaustive, detailed collection of artifacts and personal memorabilia ranging from stage-worn apparel to handwritten notes, art, collectibles and a generational trove of essential Beastie Boys-related photography, the showcase frames the evolution and cultural impact of one of music's most dynamic and enduring disruptors.

Starting with the band's Kate Schellenbach-era recordings, including the track "Riot Fight" which is largely credited as being the birth of the blast beat, progressing to the band's meteoric rise with License to Ill, the artistry of Paul's Boutique, their ode to New York in To the 5 Boroughs, and culminating with the boundless vision of their swan song in Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, EXHIBIT examines the forward-thinking of a collective that not only blurred the boundaries between genres, but also managed to tap into the full spectrum of artistry - incorporating street art into their craft for more than just their aesthetic, but as part of their creative DNA.

Curator Roger Gastman summed up how integral Beastie Boys have become to contemporary art and culture during their forty year tenure. “The story of punk rock, hip-hop, skateboarding and graffiti wouldn’t be complete without a chapter on Beastie Boys and the inedible mark they made on a movement that harmoniously merged the worlds of music and youth culture into a soundscape and experience all of its own. As much "Crazy Eddie" as they are sneaker and sound connoisseurs, one would be hard-pressed to find another entity so perfectly embodying the themes of BEYOND THE STREETS. We’re excited to be able to share Beastie Boys' history to Los Angeles and inspire new generations of music and art fans alike.”

Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz shared a simple, sincere appreciation to have the platform to showcase the collection. “Not only are we honored to be a part of Beyond The Streets, we’re happy that someone besides us appreciates all the weird shit we’ve collected, and made music on for the past forty years that will be on display.”

Goldenvoice President & CEO Paul Tollett underscored the creative kinship that made the collaborative effort between BTS, Goldenvoice and Beastie Boys a fundamental driver in seeing EXHIBIT come to fruition. “Much like the Beastie Boys, Goldenvoice was born from punk rock in the early 80’s,” says Tollett. “We formed a quick and formidable relationship. We are so excited to take part in presenting some of their coolest shit.”

EXHIBIT is currently at Control Gallery in Los Angeles. The curation has added additional dates and will run through January 29th. Tickets are free for fans, however they must be reserved in advance to attend. Get your tickets - HERE

Additionally, Beyond the Streets has announced the publishing of BEASTIE BOYS STUFF, a five volume showcase of the exhibit in it's entirety. BEASTIE BOYS STUFF Volume 1-5 is currently available both the LA Flagship store and at beyondthestreets.com

See the gallery of images from Exhibit below. Photos by David Yllescas.