England's extreme metal standouts Osiah premiere their latest bruiser "Temporal Punishment"

Northern England extreme metal horde Osiah are currently prepping to unleash their third full length LP on May 7th in the Unique Leader Records LP, 'Loss'.

Adding to the swell of momentum generated with the unveiling of the pummeling previous single from the album in the Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent) assisted "The Eye of the Swarm," Osiah have returned with yet another showcase of technicality and sonic terror in "Temporal Punishment".

First establishing their rank in 2016 with an emphatic introduction in 'Terror Firma,' Osiah put the world of death metal on notice that a new arrival was intent on being heard. The band would make that reassertion in 2019 with the release of the technical efficient, brutality bolstered 'Kingdom of Lies,' a sophomore album that served well in establishing Osiah's searing signature among the ranks of metal's gatekeepers of what is and isn't death.

On album three, Osiah have refined their brand of sonic assault to strike swift and especially deadly. The 13-track effort in 'Loss' presents a band that has not only found their artistic identity but has coalesced to create a cacophony of devastation that would meet the standards of the most ardent death metal purists. The band discussed their May 7th release.

"Loss is darkest record to date, combining the monolithic misery of our debut record Terror Firma, with a more matured technicality first showcased in our sophomore; Kingdom of Lies. This record is the truest representation of Osiah to date, unhindered by linear concepts and wrote from a place of emotion instead.

Featuring a new line up; Loss will cater to those familiar with our aggression, and also allow new listeners to be shown a raw unfiltered version of who we are, before they have an opportunity to witness our previous efforts.

Osiah is stronger, faster, and more punishing than ever before, and we’ve called in our good friends Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent) and Jason Evans (Ingested) to ensure the gears constantly step up throughout the album, not a single second of this record went to waste and we are excited to finally unleash this conduit of brutality."

Loss arrives May 7th via Unique Leader Records. The album is currently available for pre-order - HERE. Watch the premiere of Osiah's latest single from the album in the catastrophically heavy "Temporal Punishment"

1. Realm of Misery
2. The Second Law
3. Paracusia
4. Queen of Sorrow
5. Temporal Punishment
6. Loss (feat. Jason Evans)
7. Terracide Compulsion
8. The Eye of the Swarm (feat. Ben Duerr)
9. War Within Our Walls
10. The Ominous Mind (Jaded Inside)
11. Celer et Audax
12. Echoes
13. Already Lived