Dave Mustaine on Joe Rogan, Skid Row, Drinking Stories, Tommy Lee Wants To See Your Junk

On this week's edition of the Talk Toomey Podcast, host Joshua Toomey and Chris Akin take a dive into the Dave Mustaine appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, in what was an illuminating, 3-hour discussion that covered everything from Mustaine's martial arts background to his turbulent ride to the the heights or rock royalty, the guys explored the biggest takeaways en route to the September arrival of The Sick, The Dying... and The Dead.

Among the additional gems from this week's installment, Toomey has a reunion show with his old band, Tommy Lee wants to see everyone's wiener and Japan wants more young people to drink. The Manti Te'o Netflix documentary is milled over as well as the latest from metal elite, Machine Head.

The guys end with horrible personal drinking stories... something all too many of us can relate to.

Stream, the complete episode of the latest Talk Toomey Podcast below.