Countdown to Oblivion Jan 26 - Best Music Videos of the Week

10. Space of Variations - Someone Else

9. Abhoria - Sunless

8. Helpless - Wraiths of Memory

7. Undeath - Rise from the Grave

6. Erra - Nigh to Silence

5. Allegaeon - Of Beasts and Worms

4. Shock Withdrawal - Despair Ratio

3. Implore - The Burden of Existence

From the ever-growing roster of Church Road Records, quietly turning them into one of the best labels in the world, comes this gnarly blend of hardcore and metal from Germany's Implore. With ragers like this, be sure to keep an eye out for album news soon!

2. Ghost - Call Me Little Sunshine

Back with another infectious dose of the gothic pop-metal they do best, Ghost return with news of an album, the follow up to 2018's sublime Prequelle, with Impera due for release on March 11. If this song is a sign of what to expect from the full-length, we're in for another Satan-tinged treat.

CHAMPION: My Hollow - Vultures

Returning with their first new music since 2015, Canada's My Hollow bring a keyboard-laced feast of death metal in 'Vultures', the first track released from their upoming EP Fighting the Monsters. With nearly 5000 votes for this, it's fair to say that fans are just a little excited.