Countdown to Oblivion Feb 23rd - Best Music Videos of the Week

The weekly tally of the best new music videos from the world of heavy music in the Countdown to Oblivion have crowned it's most recent winner.

In a week that included a field of heavyweight competitors, the latest collaboration between LA noise purveyors HEALTH and groove metal Goliath Lamb of God has reached the coveted number one spot.

“Cold Blood” presents a masterful meld of HEALTH’s cinematic scope, accentuated with Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler’s crippling fretwork and vocalist Randy Blythe’s relentless vocal command. The project emphasizes the cross-section of heavy that exists between two polarized, powerful styles and is obviously resonating well with fans.

See the top 10 videos of the week below.

10. Memphis May Fire - Make Believe

9. Amon Amarth - Put Your Back into the Oar

8. Slipknot - The Chapeltown Rag

7. Extinction A.D. - 1992

6. Archetypes Collide - Undertow

5. Caliban - Dystopia

4. Semblant - Purified

3. Space of Variations - vein.mp3

Ukrainian metalcore outfit Space of Variations have been making waves in the scene for a while and have announced their album Imago out March 18th, and with this track's inventive use of electronics and an undeniable chorus, it's one you'll want to make sure to pick up.

2. Fall Europa - Dolos

Jazz-inspired off-kilter drumming, funky leads all over the place and a vocalist with a silky smooth clean voice and the screams to back it up, Fall Europa bring an interesting take on a genre we all know and love, and mark themselves as a name to keep an eye on.

CHAMPION: HEALTH x Lamb of God - Cold Blood

After collabing with some of the biggest and best names in our world over recent years, such as Nine Inch Nails and Full of Hell, experimental three-piece HEALTH this time team up with Lamb of God and manage to make Randy Blythe sound even more savage than usual with the contrast with their canvas. DISCO4: Part II comes out April 8th - don't miss it.