Countdown to Oblivion Feb 16th - Best Music Videos of the Week

10. Corey Taylor - On The Dark Side

9. Dark Funeral - Nightfall

8. Author & Punisher - Incinerator

7. Killing Joke - Lord of Chaos

6. Windwaker - Beautiful

5. Anarbor - Drugs

4. Spite - Caved In

3. Blacktoothed - You Never Know

Coming in from the ever-reliable Arising Empire, Blacktoothed blend electronics and rock in an undeniably infectious way, with super-soulful vocals resulting in a banger of a track that you'll be singing to yourself all week.

2. Crown Magnetar - Realistic Flesh Mask

Talking of consistently brilliant labels, Unique Leader Records - the dons of deathcore and slam, present the newest from blackened deathcore aficionados Crown Magnetar. Alone In Death comes out March 25th and if this track is any indication, you better prepare to have your day truly ruined, in the best and gnarliest way.

CHAMPION: Cane Hill - Drag Me Down

Taken from their acclaimed recent EP KREWE D'AMOUR: VOLUME TWO, Cane Hill manage once again to produce a track equal parts beautiful, ferocious and catchy. Vocalist Elijah Witt switches between screams and soulful cleans effortlessly. Massive riffs and a huge breakdown too, Cane Hill show once again why they're a name to always be watching.