Countdown to Oblivion Feb 9th - Best Music Videos of the Week

This week saw a couple of legends of their respective genres in Abbath and Red Hot Chili Peppers score high, and the podium couldn't have been much more varied with hip-hop, melodeath and 8 Kalacas' brand of ska-metal winning the week.

10. Moon Tooth - Carry Me Home

9. Dorothy - Rest In Peace

8. Abbath - Dread Reaver

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Black Summer

6. We Are Pigs - Anorectic

5. Analepsy - Locus of Dawning

4. Monuments - Cardinal Red

3. Dropout Kings - Hey Uh

Back with another blast of their signature style of trap-inflected aggressive hip-hop, Dropout Kings continue to innovate and excel in redefining what 'heavy' means.

2. Death Scythe - Wind

Hailing from the Yucatán region of Mexico and after having an initial run from 2003-2009, Death Scythe reformed in 2018 and have been in fine form since, this another powerful slice of classic melodeath whilst managing to still sound fresh.

CHAMPION: 8 Kalacas - Pudrete

Recently signing to the fast-expanding roster of Atomic Fire Records, 8 Kalacas offer up an unusual yet highly addictive blend of ska and metal. The third track to be released from their upcoming record Fronteras, all having their own flavor, fans don't quite know what to expect from the LP, but one thing is guaranteed - a barrel-load of fun.