Countdown to Oblivion 2 Feb - Best Music Videos of the Week

10. Voivod - Synchro Anarchy

9. Papa Roach - Stand Up

8. Corpsegrinder - On Wings of Carnage

7. Dream Theater - Transcending Time

6. SheWolf - Lone Wolf

5. Horndal - Be Evil

4. Wolf - Dust

3. Hammer King - King of Kings

Hammer King return with yet another dose of their signature epic style of power metal, with 'King of Kings' coming from last year's self-titled effort, and a chorus that you'll have stuck in your head all week.

2. Without Waves - Good Grief

Mixing angular nu-metal riffs with Meshuggah-style chugging and esoteric vocal melodies, the first track taken from Without Waves' forthcoming album Comedian leaves fans pondering what other weird and wonderful delights are to be heard there.

1. Foreign Hands - Separation Souvenir

Drawing inspiration from both metalcore and emo bands of the early 2000s, Foreign Hands know how to put their own stamp on that nostalgia and make it feel vital and vibrant. February 18 sees the release of their new EP Bleed the Dream, and with writing help from Knocked Loose's Isaac Hale, you know to expect even more quality.