CANE HILL talk hitting the road with their NEW TUNES

Steadily ascending modern nu-metal outfit Cane Hill checked in with Knotfest while in the thick of their Krewe Du Sang Tour. Trekking along with Afterlife, VCTMS and Moodring, the New Orleans collective was back on the road as the headlining name for the first time in years, propelled by the momentum of their lauded independent releases in 2021's Krewe De La Mort Volume 1 and the 2022 follow-up Krewe De La Mort Volume 2.

Reasserting their rank in the space of contemporary heavy music and rejuvenated by how effective the band's new music has been, Cane Hill have become one of the more impressive stories of resilience in the wake of an unprecedented pandemic. While many bands stalled out, remained idle, or were forced to shut it down, Cane Hill managed to regroup and find a better way to build their spaceship - a period of refocus that has paid dividends both personally and professionally.

Wholly entertaining and ever-articulate frontman Elijah Witt spoke about the trajectory of the band, what the road has been like after so much time away and what it has been like to share new music with fans that championing the NOLA wrecking krew.

While Cane Hill have committed to working on a new album, the band is confirmed for a run of dates with Suicide Silence next month and will make an appearance at Kentucky Irate Fest later this month. Dates can be found below.

Stream the interview with our own Tori Kravtiz here.