Bandcamp Roulette: Get Your Spooky On With Gothic Outfit The Black Capes' "Looks Like Death"

The Black Capes are a Greek gothic rock band formed in 2016 and they deliver us some really fine guitar driven groovy goth rock. So light some candles and let’s get going!

Opening up the album, “Apokalypsis” kicks things off with a haunting and infectious melody, before the rhythmic drums and signature deep goth vocals set in. The haunting melodies fit for swaying back and forth continue throughout the album. Looks Like Death is dripping with “vibe” for lack of a better word.

“Love is Love” has an almost anthemic feel with a groovy beat and enough energy to get you up and moving. “The Rejects Anthem” Is the soundtrack to a dark nightclub and the use of a saxophone at the start and throughout “Reset” makes for an interesting listen.

For all its drab and gloom, Looks Like Death is an excellent and exciting album with plenty of up-tempo hard rocking beats and swaying melodies. Polished production with a gritty feel, rain soaked neon lit streets or dark clubs may make for the best listening experience.

Released on June 1st, you can get your copy of Looks Like Death HERE.

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