Bandcamp Roulette: Add Some Symphony to Your Tech Death With The Devils of Loudun

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The Devils of Loudun hit it hard with their debut full-length, Escaping Eternity. The album spans ten tracks, just under an hour in length, and encompasses melodic death metal, symphonic metal, technical death metal, classical music, and some rich gothic undertones. While that list might sound like a recipe for “too much”, The Devils of Loudun pull off their personal take on neoclassical tech-death shred in an engaging and powerful way.

While many bands within the technical death metal and deathcore scenes use keys and orchestral elements to add an extra layer to their overall sound, The Devils of Loudun have so much interplay between the keyboardist and guitar player, the orchestral moments are far more than just a highlight in the tracks. The band comes off feeling like an orchestra filled to the brim with breakdowns and blast beats.

Formed in 2009 in Seattle, Washington, the band had released two EPs prior to this: Entering Oblivion in 2015 and Enduring Creation in 2016. Escaping Eternity was released on February 11, 2022 via The Artisan Era and you can pick up one of the super sick vinyl variants HERE.

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